Focus 10 Life® Target Prospect List for Producers

Focus 10 Life® is ideal for any employee in a full-time, white-collar occupation. Throughout our 16 year history, we have written cases within (but not limited to) the following industries:


  • Law firms – Management, Associates, and Other Staff

  • Architectural/Engineering firms – Professionals and Staff

  • Healthcare – Hospitals and Medical practices (Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists, etc.)

  • Financial Services – Accounting firms, Banks, Stock Brokerage firms, Insurance agencies, and Investment firms

  • Service firms – Advertising, Hotels & Casinos, Grocery Store chains, Call Center, and Real Estate Companies

In addition, can be sold to a carved out group of employees (executives, management, sales) within “blue-collar” industries.


Focus 10 Life® is an Employer-Paid, Simplified Issue, 10-Year Level Premium, Individual Term Life Insurance plan. It is designed for “white-collar” groups of 10 or more.

Focus 10 Life® is always Employer-Paid and coverage is Non-Voluntary. The employer decides who is covered (by class or salary level) and the benefit amounts. All employees in an eligible class must be covered.

In addition to Fringe Benefit, Focus 10 Life® may also be used for Buy-Sell funding and Key-Person Protection.