Familiarize yourself with the Focus 10 Life® product!

Focus 10 Life® is an employer paid, Simplified Issue, 10 Year Level Premium, individual term life insurance plan. It is designed for employees in “white-collar” occupations.  FOCUS 10 LIFE, Inc., administers the program on behalf of Ameritas.

Focus 10 Life® is always employer paid and coverage is not voluntary. The employer decides who is covered (by class or salary level) and the benefit amounts. All employees in an eligible class must be covered. In addition to fringe benefit, Focus 10 Life® may also be used for Buy-Sell funding and Key Person Protection.

Focus 10 Life® can be purchased on a Flexible Design or a Fixed Design plan. Here are the minimum # of lives and other rules for that apply to the two approaches:

  1. Flexible Design
    • At least 20 lives (fewer lives will be considered) *
    • Maximum benefit no more than $20,000 times # of covered lives, to $1.5 million *
    • Maximum benefit can be no greater than 5X the average benefit *
    • The benefit of one class is no more than 2.5 times the benefit of the class below it. *
    • The face-weighted average age of the group should be 50.00 or less *
    • Maximum Issue Age – 70 at nearest birthday

* Exceptions are allowed, but are dependent upon review and approval of reinsurers.

  1. Fixed Design
    • 10+ lives – Flat $150,000 face amount (or flat $100,000) or 2 Classes ($150K and $100K).
    • The face-weighted average age of the group should be 50.00 or less, but exceptions will be considered.
    • Maximum Issue Age – 70 at nearest birthday

To request a quote, we just need a census, preferably in Excel.

In addition to Employer name and State, please include:

  • Employee Name (not required)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender (pricing is unisex, but gender appears on the quote)
  • Tobacco status, if known.  (If not, we will assume all are non-tobacco)
  • Benefit Amount (or salary and benefit formula)

Please contact us with any questions!