Recently, a producer uncovered his client’s desire to carve high earners out of their group term life plan. Their goal was to provide much bigger and better life benefits through a Simplified Issue, individual policy life plan. They were looking for a cost effective solution, so individual term life was of particular interest.

The producer had heard about Focus 10 Life® and wanted to see if it could be an answer for his client.

After brainstorming with the Focus 10 Life team, the producer was able to review several design options with his client.  The idea was to create a plan with benefit classes and the producer explained that this could be done based on salary ranges or job titles.

They also talked about how many employees should be covered under the plan.  In other words, how many should be carved out of the existing group term plan.


The client ultimately chose the following schedule:

Class Description Benefit
1 Executive $2,500,000
2 Senior Management $1,500,000
3 Jr. Management $600,000
4 Operations $250,000
5 Administration $100,000


All 52 eligible employees qualified for coverage based upon a single “actively at work” question. The plan was fully implemented in about 3 weeks.

New hires and promotions will be accommodated through new policies.

Sounds good, right?

Please call us to learn more about Focus 10 Life® and discuss specific client opportunities!

We look forward to working with you!


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