Focus 10 Life® – Legal Group Case Study

Case Study – Legal Group


  • Law Firm needed $1,500,000 of life insurance on each of 6 owners to fund a Stock Redemption Plan.
  • Interested in streamlined underwriting.
  • Law Firm employed over 25 others.

Recommended Focus 10 Life®  Plan Design:

This plan design met all Simplified Issue Guidelines and readily secured approval to be implemented

The results:

  • Equity Partners secured $1,500,000 policy to fund th Stock Redemption Plan.
  • The employees received a new employer-provided life benefit.
  • Everyone secured a 10 year, guaranteed level premium individual term life policy.
    • Readily portable at termination
    • Convertible to permanent insurance to continue coverage beyond 10 years on a cost effective basis


  • This plan would need to be approved by Ameritas and Re-insurer.