Focus 10 Life® – Regional Bank Case Study

Case Study: Focus 10 Life® Plan

Type of Employer: Regional Bank

Purpose of Insurance: Fringe Benefit



  • For retention purposes, a Regional Bank wanted to deliver a meaningful Fringe Benefit to its Executive and Management teams.
  • Their current Group Term plan capped the maximum benefit and reduced benefits at older ages. They were looking for a plan that didn’t have those limitations.
  • They also wanted to avoid putting everyone through a medical exam and to streamline the process.
  • The Bank “carved out” 26 employees for this plan.

 Recommended Focus 10 Life® Plan Design:





This plan design did not meet all Simplified Issue Guidelines, but was approved on an exception basis by Ameritas and the reinsurer.

The Results:

  • Each employee received a valuable Fringe Benefit policy.
  • All policies are 10 year, guaranteed level premium individual term life.
    • As salaries increase, benefits will increase.
    • Preservation of benefits – no reduction at older ages.
    • Coverage is readily portable at termination or retirement.
    • Convertible to permanent insurance to continue coverage beyond 10 years on a cost-effective basis.


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